There are many people out there doing “Genealogy Research”. But how many of them are truly researching “their” roots? has wonderful tools to aid you in your research and I use it almost daily. Yes, I pay for it. I also belong to another site, Genealogy Bank, which is newspaper articles and a few other things. I pay for access to that site as well. I have other sites (paid and free) that I use off and on. Sometimes these site will offer “free” access for a limited time. I take advantage of that quite frequently.

Back to doing the actual research, too many people just collect names. I see it all the time on They find a “potential” link or “hint” to someone in their tree. Instead of actually researching the source they just “add” these individuals to their own tree.

I have a second section to my site that is dedicated to my family tree. The individuals listed on this site are all linked together and I provide sources and documentation to prove that connection.

I created this portion of my site so that other (confirmed) family members could add to the research or simply benefit from my own. Please understand that this is a work in progress (and mostly likely always will be) so not all related individuals have entries.

I have two children that are my own. They have different fathers and I am researching that line. These lines are connected through my children. I have two step sons that I love dearly and think of them as my own. They both have the same mother and I am researching her line for them and my grandchildren. That being said, you may not understand how some people fit into the family tree. Any given person with an entry in this database is biologically related to someone else.

Below is a current list of surnames listed in our database.

1.Perkins (13)
2.Sweat (12)
3.Looper (5)
4.Marsh (5)
5.Shaw (5)
6.Lee (4)
7.Miller (4)
8.Kennedy (3)
9.Carmichael (2)
10.Guy (2)
11.Inman (2)
12.McDonald (2)
13.Reeves (2)
14.Unknown (2)
15.Barker (1)
16.Burel (1)
17.Chesser (1)
18.Childress (1)
19.Cox (1)
20.Dyess (1)
21.Elkins (1)
22.Perkins (Queen) (1)
23.Priest (1)
24.Queen (1)
25.Thornton (1)

Last Update 8/28/2022

We will try to update this list as often as possible. If you think you may be related, request a user account for our site. We will review and let you know if approved. Click here to request an account. Please make sure you post in the notes or comments section how you may be related to this family tree.

Here is a brief list of ancestors to determine if you may be related to us. Please note the number of children does not necessarily represent “all” of the children the couple had, but only the children we have listed on the site.

Miller, William H (b. 8 Apr 1759, d. 27 Nov 1837)Barker, Amy (b. 1760, d. 23 Oct 1831)2
McDonald, Randolph (b. 24 Apr 1797, d. 21 Dec 1864)Miller, Catherine (b. 16 Dec 1799, d. 14 Jul 1877)1
Inman, James (b. 10 Dec 1814, d. 4 Aug 1897)McDonald, Cyrena (b. 16 Feb 1821, d. 24 May 1875)1
Lee, John G (b. 18 Jun 1859, d. 22 Jan 1913)Thornton, Mary Mahilia Emily (b. 14 Feb 1854, d. 4 Apr 1891)1
Lee, Jonathan Everett (b. 2 Oct 1889, d. 23 Dec 1974)Chesser, Sallie (b. 14 Apr 1898, d. 15 Jan 1962)1
Looper, William Perry (b. Mar 1861)Childress, Ambrilla (b. Mar 1861)4
Miller, Ezekiel Stafford (b. 15 Jun 1812, d. 4 Mar 1863)Dyess, Eleanor (b. 16 Oct 1813, d. 31 May 1896)1
Perkins, Enard Byrd (b. 18 Nov 1882, d. 17 Oct 1970)Looper, Mary Esther (b. Mar 1895, d. 18 Mar 1974)5
Sweat, William M (b. 28 Mar 1838, d. 19 Jun 1915)Inman, Mary Ann (b. 7 Nov 1841, d. 5 Jul 1920)1
Sweat, William Samuel (b. 27 Sep 1875, d. 24 May 1943)Priest, Martha Elizabeth7 of 11

Last Updated 7/23/2022

We encourage family members to join. It could end up being a way to stay connected. Yes, I know there’s Facebook, but it’s also nice to have a more private place to share photos about the living and a way to share your family heirlooms with the rest of us.

Other Stats

Total Individuals77  
Total Males45 (58.44%)  
Total Females32 (41.56%)  
Total Unknown Gender0 (0%)  
Total Living27  
Total Families27  
Total Unique Surnames26  
Total Photos58  
Total Documents1  
Total Headstones12  
Total Histories4  
Total Recordings0  
Total Videos0  
Total Sources24  
Average Lifespan169 years, 364 days  
Earliest Birth (William H Miller8 Apr 1759  

Last updated 8/28/2022

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