Many of us have old family photos and we just can’t seem to remember who the people are. Or in some cases, these family members died before you were born. But we still have the photos and we still want to know who they are.

I have a couple such photos. I have a section on my genealogy portion of this site that addresses such photos. At this particular moment I have 4 such photos. They all have to do with the SWEAT surname. I know who some of the individuals are and I have an idea about one of them based upon the death dates of the people in the photo.

A little background information here. William Samuel Sweat was born in 1875 and died in 1943. He married Martha Elizabeth Priest. She was born in 1881 and died in 1969. They had 11 children. Seven sons and four daughters. At the time this photo was taken, this was the last 4 living sons. I have identified 3 of these 4 men. From left to right: Randall Walker Sweat – Unknown – Deryl Crozier Sweat – Frank Gordon Sweat. Based upon death dates of these 4 men, I believe the second person is Fondren Mitchell Sweat. I just need a family member to confirm or identify the person.

In this same section of the genealogy portion of this site, I have another photo of all 7 sons with their mother and then a photo of the 4 daughters with their mother. I have one photo of two men in uniform and one of them is a SWEAT.

This is what I am looking to accomplish on the genealogy portion of my site. I want to connect families back together and help each other preserve our history. If you would like to join the site as a member, either visit our site and scroll to the bottom of the pager or Create A New Account. Just be sure to tell us in the Notes or Comments section how you may be related to us. Our Genealogy site is restricted to members only. You can visit the front page but if you want to dive deeper into the site, you must be registered.

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