We will from time to time spotlight ancestors from our family tree. This is the first one. We do this in hopes of connecting with any of our cousins no matter how distant. We want to connect with you so that we can share old photos. Some of us have not been so lucky as to have family members that saved these photos for generations to come. Some of us have old photos and are not sure who they are. Some of you may have some wonderful stories to tell about our grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We want to hear them.

William and Martha were my great grandparents. I do not remember them. William died before I was born and I was 3 years old when Martha died. Many of their children died before I was born, but I remember my grandparents telling stories about them. I wish I could remember those stories. Both of my grandparents are gone now and I don’t have the luxury of calling them up and asking. Sadly, I have lost one of my parents, and now that link is gone as well. I am now a grandparent myself and I would love to be able to pass down some of the photos and stories of their family to them. I’m sure you would love it too. They may not be interested right now, but one day, they will want to know. Will it be too late? Let’s preserve those memories for our future generations.

William Samuel Sweat was born September 27, 1875 and died May 24, 1943. He was married twice. His first marriage was to Cora Bell Howard. I do not know if they had any children. I still have more sources to go through. He then married Martha Elizabeth Priest. She was born September 22, 1881 and died September 21, 1969. Their first child was a daughter named Cora Bell. I do not know if she was a child of his first wife or if William and Martha just agreed to honor Cora in death.

William and Martha had 11 children. Their youngest child was my grandfather. Here are their children and their spouses:

  • Cora Bell Sweat b. December 23, 1900 – d. October 29, 1962 – m. Ramzy Grant
  • James Retus Sweat b.  September 19, 1902 – d. January 20, 1955 – m. Minnie L Loundes
  • Virginia Pearl Sweat b. October 5, 1904 – d. January 21, 1977 – m. Charlie Samuel Brown
  • William Samuel Sweat (Jr.) b. August 20, 1906 – d. July 27, 1963 – m. Alma P Watson
  • Thelma May Sweat b. December 16, 1908 – d. April 4, 1980 – m. Willis Hammonds White
  • Randall Walker Sweat b. November 25, 1910 – d. October 10, 2009 – m. Doris
  • Eugenia Ruth Sweat b. March 6, 1913 – d. June 26, 1991 – m. Eugene Clifton Hale
  • Joel Lee Sweat b. about 1915 – d. September 10, 1965
  • Fondren Mitchell Sweat b. November 13, 1916 – d. November 25, 1990 – m. Dolphfoline Strickland
  • Deryl Crozier Sweat b. December 2, 1918 – d. February 28, 1995 – m. Clara Marie Burel
  • Frank Gordon Sweat b. August 22, 1921 – d. July 16, 2004 – m. Dessie Lee Burel

For many of you, these 11 children may be great grandparents or even 2nd great grandparents. I will try to find the names of their children and add to this post later. I have to make sure I don’t post information about the living. I am hoping that we make a connection.

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