This the second large blanket/afghan I’ve made. This one used 4 different colors of yarn that I purchased from Hobbii. I used “We Love Yarn” Mega Ball in colors, 21, 37, 38, and 39. My 4″ x 4″ squares were 15 stitches by 13 rows. I cannot remember exactly how many squares in total. I used the Tunisian simple stich using the entrelac method. I did not use the traditional entrelac. I simply made my first square to get my 4 x 4 square, which is the first row. For the second row I added the next square to the right and top. The third row is 3 squares. I just kept working the rows diagonally until I reached my desired width and length. I have estimated my time for this project to be about 66 hours including the double crochet border. This yarn is acrylic but is much softer than traditional acrylic yarns. Since these skeins are 14 ounces, I only used 1 skein of each color and it covers the top of a queen size bed (see photo).

I really love working entrelac this way because I do not have to figure out my width from the beginning and trying to remember the formula for how many beginning chains. Also this way if I run out of a particular yarn I can just simply make the project smaller than originally planned.

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