Various Afghan Hooks

These are not your ordinary crochet hooks. They are made for Tunisian Crochet (Afghan Stitch). The longer hooks give you more space for all the loops you place on the hook. I even have some with corded extensions. Some are double ended. I even have one that the hubby made from a dowel and one he made from the handle of a fishing net. I found a whole set of aluminum hooks on These are about 10 inches long and came in 11 sizes (and yes, I use all of them). Actually, I have purchased 2 sets (you can never have too many crochet hooks). I also got a knitting needle case to keep them in. I still need a useful case to keep all of the corded hooks in.

Keeping them clean is a must so it doesn’t pull your yarn when you’re working with them. Soap and water works just fine, just make sure you dry them off good. If you do Tunisian Crochet, you’ll love these hooks.

I also have a set (or 2) of bamboo afghan hooks. I love those too. It just depends on the type and size of cotton whether I use metal or wood. It also depends on my mood. What kind of afghan hooks do you use?

Plastic Corded

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