These are potholders or trivets (potpads).  They are made with 100% cotton yarn.  They are great for handling those hot pots and pans or to use between the hot object and the counter or table.  They are made big enough for a man’s hands.  The men in our family do a lot of cooking and not just slapping meat on the grill.

I wanted to make some Christmas themed potholders so I came up with the geometric Christmas star.  I think I found the star somewhere online, but I incorporated the pattern into a Tunisian Crochet pattern.  This is all done in Tunisian crochet.  They are double thickness.  I can’t remember what the reverse side looks like as these were given as gifts.  Most likely they are a solid color or striped.

I don’t have a written pattern (yet).  I may try to write one at a later time.  I’ve never written a pattern before.  I can tell someone who is very familiar with Tunisian crochet or the simple afghan stitch how to make this, but I’ve never actually written it out.  I’ll have to do some research on how to write the pattern so others can recreate.

I’ve also created a table runner using this star pattern.  But that’s another subject for later.

Alternate color scheme

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