Most of what I crochet are my own patterns and creations. I give away most of the stuff I make. I have sold some of my items but it’s very hard as I do not take orders. Crocheting is my creative outlet. I have to like the design, colors, and even the feel of the yarn. If those items are not present, then the project probably will never be finished.

Some of the projects listed on this site are works in progress. I will try to update with a follow-up article when the project is completed. Just a warning, some of my projects can take a couple of years to complete and others just a few hours.

That being said, I have probably 20 or more unfinished projects. Each one in its own bag or box. I think that’s where all my crochet hooks are too. I’m trying to write project notes for each one now. It’s getting expensive to keep buying crochet hooks and my spare “craft” room is now just a storage for bags and bags of yarn. “No, don’t go in there!!”

How many wips (work in progress) do you have going at once? Do you hoard yarn too? How do you keep your projects separated? Would love to hear you’re just as bad as me or if you have ideas to help keep me organized.

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