I was scrolling through Facebook one day back before Christmas 2021. I found a post of a Nutcracker wall hanging. I absolutely love nutcrackers, although I don’t have any. I decided to make my own. I’m not sure how they made the one I viewed. I figured I could make one using the afghan stitch (crochet stitch). I know how to change yarn colors and this was just a rectangular shape.

I opened up an excel spreadsheet and began designing my nutcracker. Finally, after a few adjustments here and there, I had my pattern graph. I printed it out in color and it ended up being 10 pages. I wasn’t really concerned with the page count.

I went to my local Michael’s craft store and hubby bought the yarn I needed to make my Christmas Nutcracker. I get home and start crocheting. After a few days I’ve got the boots done. I work from the bottom up. My nutcracker is looking pretty good.

After completing several pages from my pattern, I look up and tell hubby “There’s no way I’m gonna get this booger done by Christmas. He says “sure you can, you’re almost done”. I laughed and tell him “No, dear, I’m only halfway”. In its current state it measures 44 inches long. By the time I’m done, it will be about 83/84 inches long or roughly 7 feet. He doesn’t believe me until I show him the piece and compare it to my pattern.

Oh NO!!! I’ve created a Monster Nutcracker. Our front door only measures 6 foot 5 inches. I was going to hang him on the inside of the front door. He’s about 17/18 inches wide. Now, I don’t even think I can hang him on the wall. I think the hubby is going to have to make a frame for him and set him up like a Japanese Screen.

I haven’t worked on my nutcracker since January 3rd. It’s now July. I’m working on a blanket now. Hopefully I can get back to my nutcracker and bring him to life. As big as this booger is gonna be, I think he deserves a name. Got any ideas?

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