Salt & Pepper Potholders

I made these salt & pepper potholders a few years ago. It’s my own design and I don’t really have a written pattern for them. I used 100% cotton yarn so they are useable as actual potholders. Acrylic yarns will melt if you use them for potholders or trivets.

Salt and Pepper 1

As you can see I did the backs of them in different patterns. The top one does not have a loop for hanging and the back is a striped pattern. The bottom one with a loop is just solid black on the back. Both are big enough for a man’s hands. So there’s no excuse for the men I know not to help take things out of the oven.

Salt and Perpper 2

I plan on making some more of these, but not sure how they would look in different colors. What do you think? I just haven’t used them myself or given as gifts because right now these are my pattern for the next set.

I love stuff for the kitchen. I have ideas to put other food or kitchen related items on some other potholders. I was thinking coffee, tea, or common herbs and spices. I’m still working on some ideas. I’m open for suggestions…..

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