Oh sorry, got distracted there. Wip – Work in Progress is what I meant to say. How many of you have more than one wip on your hook? I’ve got so many and I’m trying to finish some of them. I use decorative vinyl or linen bags to keep projects separated. I’m running out of bags………

I am trying to get some wip’s finished. I don’t have all them listed here. My most recent wip (now a Completed Project) was my 4 colored squared blanket. Between working and everyday responsibilities, I haven’t finished anything else yet. I’m three squares and a border away from completing another blanket. I can’t wait to show you.

4 colored square blanket (completed)

I’ve got a bunch of key chains I need to put finishing touches on and a few doilies. You may have seen my Grey/Green Afghan article (yes it’s still too warm to work with wool). I need to get all of my wips posted. Maybe if I post them, I’ll get busy and finish them up so I can mark them as “Completed Projects” here on the website.

Grey/Green Afghan (wip)

Christmas is coming up and I’ve got some completed items to give as gifts. Yes, I know, I need to post those on here as well. I went down the creative planning hole a few weeks ago and even last night found some more inspiration for “NEW” projects. I just get so excited. I’ve got a huge yarn stash, so I’ve got the supplies. Where to find the time?

So, what wips do you have? I would love to see what you’re working on or even something you’ve just finished.

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