Marsh Ventures

Marsh Ventures is the hubby’s website. You know I have to put in a word for him. I do help with some of his projects (probably handed him a screwdriver). No seriously, I’ve helped him put motorcycles on lifts, held something while he attached it, and some projects we actually did together. Many times I do a lot of the driving when he purchases a motorcycle for a project. He bounces ideas off me and I take a lot of pictures. He still does most of the work.

The hubby (Randy) loves working with his hands. He works on motorcycles, does woodworking, and he can even sew. Hey! Don’t knock a man for sewing, it’s mostly leatherworking, and that’s a manly thing…lol. He even bought me (us) a heavy duty sewing machine for us to do some more leatherworking. But I can do regular sewing on it.

Both of our sites are fairly new, so we are trying to get some of our projects posted on both websites. (I do most of that stuff). Randy is getting very good at posting the articles on his site. We help each other. My site is divided into two parts, one is genealogy and everything else is on the main site. Randy has two separate sites, Marsh Ventures and he has a blog (which he needs to work on).

Some of his stuff I will post on here (for exposure reasons). I’m also proud of what he accomplishes. What woman wouldn’t show off the hubby’s accomplishments? Hopefully he’ll post a couple of articles about me and my stuff. I hope you’ll check out his site (that is, when you’re done looking at mine).

Visit Marsh Ventures for custom motorcycles and woodworking.