Perkins Ventures is a name I came up with because my maiden name is Perkins.  And these are the things I love doing.  I want to share them with everyone.  I also want to share some of the things my husband does as well, but I'll add those in later.

I work as a merchandising rep.  I have worked for several companies and sometimes several at once (as long as there were no conflicts).  I love what I do because I make my own schedule and decide which days I have off.  I decide what time I go in to work and what time I quit for the day.  As long as I get my assigned projects completed by the deadline everything runs just great.

This Site's Purpose


Genealogy became one of my favorite hobbies when my second child was about 5 years old.  There were some things on the internet, but not like there is now.  Over the last 20 years, I've researched and then lost it due to computer crashes and a storage unit flooding.  Since then it has been a struggle recreating my research, but mostly because I didn't document my sources the other times.  I was not organized and I kept researching the same things over and over again.  I've went through various software and filing systems until I believe I finally got it all figured out.  Now I have a system of researching and sharing, so I created a website to do so.

Homemade Items

I love to crochet and I'm teaching myself to knit and tat.  I've done some sewing and the hubby and I got into making things with leather.  He even got me a "heavy duty" sewing machine for Christmas a few years ago.  I mostly crochet and I create my own designs and try to make a pattern.  I'm not quite sure anyone else could follow it.  My patterns are simple and I generally just work from a chart.  I wanted to show off some of the things I've made.  I usually give them as gifts, so I have to remember to take pictures of the items "before" I give them away.  I have sold a few items over the years but I don't actively look for customers.  The main reason is that I don't like just making things.  I like creating them.  If I don't like the pattern, colors, or even the texture of the yarn, I just can't do it.  Most people I associate with that crochets or knits take orders.  I don't want to be on a deadline to make something.  So, basically, If I sell something, it's because someone really liked what I made.  It's like an art to me and I just can't make something on a whim.


Cooking, well it's more like baking.  I love baking breads and making desserts.  No I am not a cake decorator.  I cannot use those decorating bags and stuffing icing in them and make some glorious wedding cake.  Some of my desserts come out looking amazing and others look like a 5 year old made it.  But I do have to admit I've got about a 95% taste rating of yum, yum, yum.  My specialty is homemade bread.  I'm hoping to get back into baking again and then showcasing my creations.  I love making all sorts of breads from sourdough (that I started myself) and all sorts of casserole breads and muffins/rolls.  I bake bread with and without a bread machine. I also make desserts using all sorts of methods.

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