Welcome to our genealogy research site.  We do not require a membership or even a login.  You do not have to register or give us your email address.  You can browse our site and hopefully make a research connection or simply find places to find more sources for your own ancestors.  So, go ahead and just jump in and Browse our Surnames or type your ancestors name in the search bar.  

History need not be a boring collection of dates, places, and people.  Since I started researching my family lines, I have found so much more.  Many things I’ve found were from others, like me, who wanted to share and show off what they found about their ancestors.  I have become a historian, but also a collector.  I collect more than just those boring things.  I collect stories, photos, and anything I can find about a person.  I also wanted proof that this person was my ancestor and not just take someone’s word for it.  A whole new world opened up for me and my research.  My ancestors began to live again in my research.  I don’t see them as mere names in a long list.  They lived, they loved, and they had stories to tell.  I am trying to tell those stories so that others may get to know my family as I see them.

I have collected photos from parents, grandparents, and even aunts and in-laws.  As I got older, I began to listen to the stories told by my elders.  Now that many of them are gone, I wish I had listened more.  My grandmother use to tell so many stories with great detail of who was involved.  I remember some of the names, but not the actual story.  Today it is much easier to collect memories and stories from others.  We have cell phones that can take videos (with sound) and still photos.  If only I had that when I was much younger, I would have treasure beyond belief.  Of course, I wasn’t much interested as a teenager.  So many birthdates, anniversaries, and places are lost in discarded memories probably never to be recovered.  No matter how hard we try, the full memory of the event will not resurface.  We only remember grandma or great-aunt Laurie telling us a story.  Little did we know that they were giving us an oral history of our family.



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