Welcome to My Hobbies

Well, they might not be all mine.  I will probably show a few of the hubbies' projects too.  I love creating things.  My main hobbies are crocheting and genealogy, but I do dabble in a few other things too.  I'll add them as we go along.

I do sell some of the items I make, but I do not take orders for specific designs.  If you want something with "strawberries" on it, I might could do that.  I'm the type of person who has to feel the design and of course the materials.  Certain yarns I refuse to work with because they don't feel right working with them.  Certain colors or combinations mess with me too.  The pattern, type of stitch all have a say in what I make.  If you do a lot of crocheting or knitting you know what I mean about certain stitches.  If my hands are going to constantly cramp, then it most likely will not get finished.  I don't like being on a time schedule as I do have a life and I do work outside the home.  Crocheting is a form of destressing for me and a time to relax.

I had another website up displaying my creations but I was not happy with the design.  It was too busy and distracting.  It was down right confusing.  So I decided to go with a more simple design so as not to take away from my creations.  I sincerely hope that you enjoy browsing around and find some inspiration along the way.

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